Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Backgrounds

I have two calendered backgrounds for you and one that's fun but a little plain. I really wanted to add to the last one and make it really great because I made it for a good friend of mine but I got scared and was afraid if I added too much it would look too cluttered... Well I'm not done searching for ways to make it pop but I thought I'd just throw it on out there for any one who may want a relatively plain background.

If you can't see it from these backgrounds I'm trying to stray from my usual format with the vertical bar displaying the calender. I'm trying to get creative here and I'm pretty pleased!

For the very few of you who do check this blog with any regularity, I would greatly appreciate it if you would tell your friends about me, especially if they ask "where did you get that totally kick ass background???" Also, don't forget to leave a comment if you take a background *looks at one lovely girl in particular*, and that if you make requests I'm more than happy to make a custom background! Just give me lyrics or colors or patterns or themes... anything you want I'll give it my best shit!

Well without any further adieu, here are the three backgrounds I promised, enjoy!