Monday, November 5, 2007

November Backgrounds

One of my favorite things is month backgrounds. I've done two so far for the month of November but there may be more before the calender moves onto December.

This one is very autumn. I like it, it's actually on my desktop right now! You can have it too!

This one I was asked to make but I think it turned out decently well... It will likely appeal to the men more than the ladies but you've got to do a little for everyone right?


Plug me in

A little play on the USB logo, I call this one "Plug me in." I'm decently happy with it, wonder what you guys think though!



This Background is relatively random... I was just having some fun with vectors and different brushes and this is what came out, I'm not even sure still what I think of it let alone what others will...


Follow the white Rabbit

Here's a little Background I was just playing with, not my favorite, or my best work but I thought I'd just throw it out there and see what you thought! Click the thumbnail for the link to the full version of the image.

A little Matrix inspiration never hurt right?